Data Collection

We have deep experience and expertise in data collection, and we are known across the region for our rigorous approach to large-scale qualitative and quantitative data collection. TKG utilizes various methods to collect data including Focus Groups, Interviews, Observation studies, and Surveys. During data collection, communication, regular feedback, and quality assurance are prioritized. To gather quantitative data, electronic devices are used to reduce data entry errors thereby increasing quality of data, as well as provides efficiency in data collection and analysis. Our enumerators are trained prior to conducting each data collection activity and are managed by experienced field managers.

We use Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) and where necessary, PAPI to collect large-scale quantitative and qualitative data. We collect data through face-to-face and phone interviews in cities, rural, and remote areas across Africa. We have profound local insights, and we innovate our data collection methods to the context of the area. We collect both primary and secondary data using multiple technologies and tools such as SurveyCTO, FieldWorkz, Open Data Kit (ODK), NFields, Survey Solutions, SurveyToGo, and many more. Below is our framework for data collection.

We script surveys and conduct pilot test before deployment. We coordinate logistics, provide equipment, and daily support when our teams are in the field. We dedicate significant time to recruiting and training our enumerators and consistently invest in capacity building to enhance their productivity and expertise.  We also have vast experience in translating surveys, transcribing interviews, and analyzing results.

We place great emphasis and set high standards for ethics and quality assurance from training to field work. We ensure high level of supervision and quality assurance through real time tracking and back checks. We conduct quality checks to ensure we have real, high-quality data that can empower our clients to make strategic decisions.

Advanced features

Below are our areas of expertise:

  • Survey Data Collection
  • Qualitative Research
  • Secondary Data Acquisition
  • Survey Programming using SurveyCTO, SurveyToGo, NFields, ODK, and many more
  • Geo-mapping, Tagging, Locating And Tracing
  • CATI-based Data Collection
  • Data Collection using Drones
  • Population-based Sampling