Privacy Policy

The Khana Group’s Privacy Policy 

The Khana Group (TKG) is committed to maintaining the privacy of our employees, website visitors, potential employees and consultants.

Our policy explains:

  • What information we collect and why we collect it.
  • How we collect, store and use that information.
  • How to access and update information

Retention of information:

We strive to retain documents only as long as required by applicable laws or contracts and/or as reasonably needed for legitimate business purposes.

How we collect information:

We collect information in several ways.

  • Online employment applications
  • Online sign up for TKG emails and newsletter. Our email correspondence services, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, are compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Visits to TKG’s website. We use Google Analytics to monitor our web traffic. Our Google Analytics account is in compliance with the GDPR. Our website does not use cookies.
  • Direct contact (such as email, phone) between our staff and you, where correspondence could be logged

What information we collect:

We strive to only collect personal information that is reasonably necessary for a function or activity of ours. The personal information we collect includes but is not limited to:

  • Name and gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal address
  • Telephone or facsimile number
  • Email address, IP address
  • Occupation, references and previous employment history, qualifications, and skills
  • Relationship or marital status
  • Information provided by you through our website, Facebook, or Twitter accounts
  • Your contractual and performance history with us
  • Health information provided by you

How we store information:
We will store your personal information either electronically or in hardcopy and sometimes in both versions. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information collected from you is stored in a secure environment.

How we use information we collect:

TKG respects your privacy rights. The way we use or disclose your personal information will depend on the reason(s) why we have received your personal information. For example, we may use your personal information for the below purposes:

  • Provision of information to you, employing you, or receiving services from you
  • Correspondence and inquiries
  • Assessing your suitability for potential employment or other contractual engagement
  • Submission of documents to our clients including expressions of interest, capability statements and tenders
  • Compliance with all relevant laws, court/tribunal orders or enforcement related activities.

You may choose not to provide us with your personal information. Please note that in this circumstance we may be unable to assist you through answering your query, responding to your requests, or otherwise contracting with you.

How to access, amend, or delete your information:

You may request access to your personal information that we hold, and we will attempt to provide the personal information in the manner you request. You may request access by emailing